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Wine & Spirit Education Trust® Courses 2018

International school Wine & Spirit Education Trust® (WSET®) is one of the best wine schools all over the world providing globally recognised education and qualifications in wines, spirits and sake, for professionals and enthusiasts.

Wine & Spirit Education Trust® has its Approved Programme Providers in more than 70 countries. WSET® diplomas and certificates are recognized as one of the most considerable confirmation of professional qualifications for sommeliers and cavists.

WSET® courses and qualifications are comprised of 5 different levels of students' knowledge and skills: from absolute beginners to experts. The International Center of Wine and Gastronomy (ICWAG, Moscow), as a provider of WSET® courses in the Russian Federation, was the first who started to teach students on the WSET® Level 2: Award in Wines and Spirits (since 2009) and Level 3: Award in Wines (2014) courses.

Since 2009, in Moscow and St. Petersburg the ICWAG held the lecture courses on the WSET® programme in a joint venture with the Asia Wine Services and Educational Center (AWSEC, Hong Kong). At that time (2009-2014) Mr. Stephen Mack — the Chairman of the Board of Directors AWSEC (www.awsec.com), the holder of a special certificate giving the right to teach all levels of the WSET® was the main teacher.

AWSEC is the largest educational center in Asia, leading its operations in Hong Kong, mainland China, India, the Philippines and other countries in the region. In 2014, AWSEC has been recognized as the best educational centre WSET® in the world, and Stephen Mack received the title of "Best teacher of the year WSET® courses in the world" (WSET® Educator of the Year).

In 2015, the ICWAG opened an independent branch of the WSET® in Russia, Margarita Krasnopolskaya became the new teacher, who:

· got an Advanced Certificate WSET® (London) in 2006;

· gained a Diploma WSET® (London) in 2010, becoming the first Russian woman to reach this level. She passed an exam with distinction, including a "blind tasting";

· graduated from the WSET® Educator Training Programme (London) in 2016, got the title of a WSET® Certified Educator;

· is a member of the jury of the international wine competitions: IWSC (London), Radici del Sud (Italy), Moscow Court with Stephen Spurrier (Moscow Wine Expo), Wine Challenge Portugal (Portugal) and others;

· participates in major international wine events: Wine Future summits, symposia of the Institute of Masters of Wine, etc.;

· participates in tastings and workshops with leading wine consultants and critics of the world – Robert Parker, Jancis Robinson, Stephen Spurrier, Debra Meiburg, Lisa Perotti-Brown, Denis Dubourdieu, Michel Roland and many others;

· worked in the team of tasters Spurrier-Robinson at En Primeur in Bordeaux in 2014;

· is the author of the materials for the wine column in the New Style magazine London (www.newstyle-mag.com/author/margarita) and the author of the blog Snob.ru (www.snob.ru/profile/17674/blog).

During the work of our project already more than 300 students from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, the Urals, the Volga region, Siberia, Far East, Southern Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan received the international awards. The staff of such Russian companies as: Veld-21, Vinoterra, Vintage-M, Kazumian, Kin, Legend of Crimea, LUDING, Rusimport, Fort, United Distributors trained our WSET® courses.

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Eugeniy Gurkin,

Senior partner of Bayswater, the holder of WSET® Level 3 certificate:

“So I got what I deserved! It seems to me that the value of the course is that knowledge will eventually be revealed. Immediately after the course the head buzzes from the received information, but then the fragments came up and a complex picture is being formed! I think WSET3 is useful both for professionals and for amateurs. Do not ask me about WSET4, I am afraid that my head will not accept so much information! ))”

Sivertseva Yaroslavna,

Sommelier, Kempinski Hotel Moika 22, the holder of WSET® Level 3 certificate (2017):

“The train is a great place to put together thoughts that have accumulated for 5 days in Moscow. You know… The wine producing, and the wine in principle, is difficult to drive into the framework. It is a huge world that is infinitely developing and moving. And in order to understand this world, it is necessary to have the base, which WSET gives. I struggled with "Woe from Wit ", argued about color, aromatics... generally about everything. Yes, it is difficult to get into the "system" when you are a sommelier with a formed opinion about many things. But it must be that the new knowledge is learned correctly. Thank to Margarita Krasnopolskaya for her work and active life position. And of course to all people who believed in me and continue to believe. We make the world better.”

Sokolov Maksim,

LLC "Austrian Wine", Director of Development, the holder of WSET® Level 2 certificate:

“Most of all I appreciated the independence and objectivity of the material presentation. Frequently the courses are organized by wine companies or affiliated persons. Here, there was no doubt about the independence of the WSET® institutions. Much of what Stephen Mack told I have already known, but the structure of the material presentation helped “to classify” the accumulated knowledge. The exam tested exactly the knowledge that Stephen gave. And if you know something else, but missed the basics that are given at the 2nd level, this additional knowledge will not help you in any way. Only fully mastered the material of one level, you can move on. This is a very correct system!”

Bessudnova Irina,

"KAZUMYAN" company, The Director of marketing, the holder of WSET® Level 2 certificate (2014):

“Let me thank the WSET® courses for the opportunity to expand and strengthen knowledge about the characteristics of wine and spirit producing at the world professional level. The course allowed approaching the study of this fascinating topic more systematically and deeply. Special thanks to our dear teacher Mr. Stephen Mack: for his teaching talent, the ability to pass the knowledge about wine to each listener, and also for the flashing humor. It is nice to feel like an expert with confirmed professional qualification of the world level in the field of knowledge about wines and spirits”.

Ispravnikov Sergey,

“Khrunichev State research and production space center”, Head of Corporate Management and Development Department, the holder of WSET® Level 2 certificate:

“Since my main work is not related to the alcohol business, this training was regarded by me as a hobby. The result from the training, even at the basic level of WSET®, significantly exceeded my expectations. I already had some knowledge of wine. But I began to understand the inside logic of the combination of factors affecting at wines; determines its tasting and consumer characteristics. Systematized method of the wine describing developed by WSET® was extremely useful both for the participation in specialized tastings, and for the discussion among my friends and acquaintances. Furthermore, my knowledge about wine has acquired a new quality level, allowed to communicate on an equal footing with the professionals of the alcohol business and to start as a partner to participate in a number of wine projects. Thus, the training under the WSET® program of the basic level for people working in the alcohol business and not having a specialized education is absolutely necessary as a minimum professional standard, and for all wine lovers - simply desirable to improve the internal culture and a more thoughtful and conscious attitude to the favorite drink".

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