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Interview with L. Gelibterman on “Mayak” radio

styhnOn the 12th of June Mr. Gelibterman took part in festive morning program of “Mayak” radio. It was dedicated to the prospect of gastronomic tourism in Russia.

What gastronomic traditions do we have in our country? What stands behind the words “to eat a bushel of salt”, “to boil the porridge”… Buckwheat, polba, rye, barley – all this is of course the kinds of porridge, which has been an essential part of Russian table for several centuries now. However not everybody knows that the phrase “to boil the porridge” institutionally meant “to send the matchmakers”, “you can’t boil the porridge with him” meant the absolute unavailability to negotiate.

It turned out that our gastronomic culture harbors plenty of exciting details and surprises. The industry of so undeveloped in Russia gastronomic tourism is capable of revealing the entirety of this world. Shameful that it’s undeveloped though. To taste savoury delicacies of our motherland holding fascinating history of origination in the mouth won’t mind a Russian person as well as a foreigner.

Mr. Gelibterman as an experienced gourmet and traveler advices everyone and everybody to join the investigation of their country’s gastronomic culture and derive pleasure from the process. 

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"Mayak" radio, broadcast from 12.06.14, 9:00 - "What is called gastronomic tourism and its development in Russia" 

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