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Dinner with professional tasting of Bulgarian wines

liz14The tasting program included wines of three Bulgarian wineries – “Brestovica”, “Yamantievs” and “Villa Vinifera” . The dinner with tasting was held by the president of International Centre of Wine and Gastronomy – Leonid Gelibterman.  As an assistants stood Irina Godunova – candidate of biological science, and graduate of “Enotria” school – Viktoria Shayhutdinova, possessor of 3d level WSET diploma and wine consultant.

For a start of tasting the quests were offered to try Viognier  of 2011 from Yamantievs winery. The second wine was the pink one from Mavrud sort 2011 from Villa Vinifera winery. According to the legend this sort was named after a young villager Mavrud who won a hand-to-hand fight with a lion during the competition for khan Krum daughter’s heart.  Nowadays Mavrud sort is nominated for the most perspective on the international level among Bulgarian indigenous  grape sorts. Continuing the tasting was offered young red wine of 2013 from the ancient sort Pamid. Number 4 wine  was a red dry Pinot Noir from Yamantievs winery. The forthcoming specimen from this winery became wines from Syrah sort of 2010, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon of 2011.

The seventh wine presented during the evening was “Trachian gold” – the bland of Cabernet Sauvignon sort and Rubin from Brestovica winery. This wine aroused an unanimous approval among the guests. 

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