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The most representative tasting of Brazilian wines in the history of Russia.

The most representative tasting of wines of Brazil in the history of Russia «Let’s raise our glasses, Moscow» was held on 15th of December 2020 in a Moscow hotel «Baltschug Kempinski». The Embassy of Brazil in Russia and International center of wine and gastronomy were organizers of the event. Tasting started by welcoming speech of the Minister-Counselor of the Embassy of Brazil in Russia Ms. Patricia Wagner Chiarello. Famous Russian professionals of wine sector Angelica Subbotina, Yaroslavna Sivertseva and president of ICWAG Leonid Gelibterman were members of a peculiar presidium of the event. They offered participants 10 wines from 5 Brazilian wineries (Vinicola Aurora www.vinicolaaurora.com.br ; Cooperativa Vinicola Garibaldi www.vinicolagaribaldi.com.br; Vinicola Casa Valduga www.casavalduga.com.br ; Vinicola Salton www.salton.com.br ; Vinicola Miolo www.miolo.com.br). Participants of the event were especially impressed by the quality of sparkling wines from Brazil. Experts unanimously noted the possibility of commercial success of this type of wine on Russian wine market.

Because of the COVID-19, Brazilian wine producers couldn’t be in Russia, so they attended degustation in online format by watching and communicating with Moscow’s audition through Zoom-translation.

A performance of Russian singer Ksenia Devi was a cherry on top of pleasant impression of the evening. She sang some bright Brazilian songs, so participants of the event could feel the warmth and energy of this colorful country. After the main part of the event came to an end, guests were offered to attend free tasting, which consisted of 14 wines and natural juices and, also, snacks from hotel «Baltschug Kempinski», prepared based on Brazilian cuisine. By everyone’s opinion, the event was organized with high quality and went very productively for both Brazilian wine producers, who noted comments of Russian experts, and Russian participants, who gained new experience and had an opportunity to maintain direct links with Brazilian wine producers.




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