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Indonesia Gastronomy Association (IGA)

27-th of April, Jakarta, Indonesia. Indonesia Gastronomy Association (IGA) was invited president of ICWAG Mr. Leonid Gelibterman as a guest speaker to World Leadership Conference.

«Dear Mr. Leonid,

First of all, I want to thank you for participating in WWLC & IGA's Batch 7 on F&B. Very useful and gives us the latest picture of the atmosphere in the world of F&B. What are we going to do now towards the world of F&B. Your enlightenment has given us enough direction and thought about what we will do now towards the world of F&B. Hopefully, we can meet again in another webinar on F&B, culinary and gastronomic events.  Apologies if there are deficiencies in hosting the event. Thank you & see you in another opportunity.

With warmest regards,

Indra Karona Ketaren


Indonesia Gastronomy Association (IGA)

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