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International lunch of the International Wine & Food Society in Saint-Petersburg


On the 04th of July 2017 at the restaurant «Tsentralny» in the Russian «Northern capital» a joint gastronomic lunch of the members of the International Wine & Food Society (IWFS), organized by the Moscow (National) branch, headed by Leonid Gelibterman, was held. The Banquet, attended by nearly 40 guests, took place in frames of the international tour Baltic Cruise Festival that started in Copenhagen on the 29th of June and ended in Stockholm on the 07th of July.

The lunch at the restaurant «Tsentralny» gave the guests of the cruise the unique opportunity to take in the sights of authentic Soviet cuisine, supplemented with modern Russian dishes and drinks. The menu has been carefully composed regarding the individual food preferences of each guest. Visitors were proposed with traditional gastronomic specialties from the USSR – the classic salad «Mimosa» with smoked salmon, sturgeon baked with cheese in the dish-shell, fried smelt fish Korushka and Beef Stroganoff. Hot and cold dishes and salads were accompanied by a native Russian drink — vodka and also by modern Russian still and sparkling wines, which pleasantly surprised the guests. There were traditional hot pancakes with red caviar and sour cream — an essential part of authentic Russian cuisine.

The lunch in Saint-Petersburg was attended by the Honorary President of the IWFS David Felton, Chairman of the IWFS Europe-Africa zone Ian Nicol, the leaders of the Society's offices from London, Manchester, Washington, Florida, Sydney, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Manila, Cayman Islands and other regions of the world. Chairman of the Moscow (National) branch of the IWFS Leonid Gelibterman presented a lunch menu to the public and demonstrated the nuances of serving specific dishes.

The members of International Wine & Food Society, attending the lunch, come together in a single view that such a short visit at one region of Russia is not quite enough to discover all the diversity and richness of Russian national culture and, in particular, its gastronomic peculiarities. Leonid Gelibterman’s proposal to gather a group of representatives of the various international offices of the IFWS in the next year and to arrange a gastronomic tour to different Russian regions to taste local specialties, was taken by the guests with great enthusiasm and supported by the Honorary President of the IWFS David Felton.

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