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Enogastronomic press-tour to Armenia


From 4 to 8 May at the invitation of the organizers of the festival «Wine Days» the President of ICWAG Leonid Gelibterman, together with correspondents of Top Flight magazine, web-portal Lenta.ru and Chef of the Queen of Denmark, took part in an enogastronomic tour to Armenia.

Many people most often associate Armenia with the famous cognac of the Erevan Brandy Factory, but very few people know that, first of all, this wonderful country has a thousand-year history of winemaking. Naturally the tour program included not only visiting the first wine festival "Wine Days" in Erevan, but also a trip to Areni village, one of the centers of Armenian art of winemaking. Here this wine holiday is held annually since 2009.

The participants of the press-tour also appreciated the beauty of the Dilijan city, which was given the status of a «national park» in the Republic of Armenia, the largest and one of the most beautiful Caucasian lakes — the Lake Sevan, monasteries, a carpet museum, Armenian radio and the famous Ararat brandy factory.

Guests of the festival were lucky enough not only to get acquainted to the original dishes of Armenian cuisine, to assess the service level of local restaurants and hotels, but also, of course, to feel the warmth of authentic Caucasian hospitality and cordiality.

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