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The main business activities include increasing the professional level of the specialists in the field of wine, spirits and gourmet products & beverages; organization and conduction of the public events, which are aimed to increase the level of the global wine & food culture of the end-consumers; developing and realization of the special projects in the field of alcohol business and food market. In particular, Center carries out sales promotion of wine, spirits and gourmet products from the countries all over the world on the Russian market, virtually fulfilling the functions of the specialized marketing agency.

ICWAG activities include the following:

Development, full planning and budgeting for programs of various length and complexity, aimed at releasing of new alcoholic beverages and products to the Russian market

Promotion ,activities related to product and beverages brands already represented in the Russian market

Full administrative and technical organization and control of the events implemented separately or as part of a wide promotional project

Media planning and special projects

Taking into account the experience of working with clients, completely different from each other in their mentality, expertise and financial resources, ICWAG has developed a set of basic approaches to the company professional activities:


Individual approach. For each customer ICWAG is seeking is the individual way of professional development in the Russian market, which is the most appropriate and responsive to the particular company and the product. ICWAG specialists do the preliminary work on the detailed determination of the features, competitive advantages, and possible ways to promote the product in the Russian market.

Flexibility. ICWAG constantly analyzes the effectiveness and appropriateness of the programs and special events, monitors feedback from companies, contractors and end users. If necessary, plans are adjusted to achieve the best results, all the possible changes are discussed with the customer promptly. 

Confidentiality. ICWAG does not transfer private and business information of its customers to any third party other than in pre-negotiated and resolved cases. Our clients include companies from Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Oceania who practice various business philosophies. Taking into account national traits, ICWAG respects all professional and ethical interests of each partner. 

Visibility. ICWAG is ready to provide its customers with detailed financial statements, to sign official contracts with non-resident companies.

Reliability. We are ready to  provide references from leading companies in the Russian market for alcohol and food, as well as from our foreign partners.

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